Poetic body

Poetic body

Poetic body

Intensive course

Poetic body

1/05 - 2/05

Poetic body is an intensive introductory course to Jacques Lecoq pedagogy. This course allows to discover the basic concepts of physical theatre. 

The main objective of Jacques Lecoq pedagogy is to provide tools for theatrical creation, to perform new creative theatre and develop theatrical languages y desarrollar lenguajes teatrales in which actor’s physical play  would be present. This is not just a matter of being trained as an actor, but as an author, a director, a stage designer and an actor. 

There are three main axes in the pedagogy, which are improvisationanalysis of movement and personal  creation. Improvisation is the first trace of creation. Both the laws of improvisation and the laws of movement are worked on in the training. Through the analysis of movements the dynamics of the world around us are studied.

One of the main tools of Jacques Lecoq pedagogy is a mask. The programme includes training with different types of masks: the Neutral Mask, larvae masks, expressive masks, utilitarian masks, half-masks of commedia dell arte.

“Poetic body” intensive course invites to approach the poetic dimesion of theatre and discover the bases of the physical theatre.

The course will be  imparted by Angel Bonora, Jacques Lecoq disciple, and Anna Tereshchenko.

Schedule: Saturday 16:00 – 20:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 14:00
Price: 80€