Oh, yes life!

Oh, yes, life!

(¡Que sí, vida!)

Prevention of VIH/AIDS - STI, negotiation and care of emotional and sexual relationship


Oh, yes, life! (¡Que sí, vida!) is a theatrical activity which has been succesfully experienced for a long time. Its playful and participatory approach makes it very attractive and allows to connect quickly with the young and teenager audience. The play was created in collaboration with SIDA STUDI association and CJAS (Youth Center of Contraception and Sexuality) which belongs to the Association of Family Planning of Catalonia and Balearics.

The play “Oh, yes, life!” is focused on the prevention of the sexually transmitted infections and VIH/AIDS emphasising in particular the negotiation and care of emotional and sexual relationship.

Artistic and tecnical content is being updated regularly.

Target audience

In order to reinforce the efficiency of prevention in an appropriate way we carry out performances for cohesive groups of youngsters of minimum 30 and maximum 120 spectators per session.

We also perform plays addressed exclusively to the groups of professionals (tecnicians in prevention, secondary school teachers, social educators) and groups of parents AMPAS.

Oh yes life Teatracció
Oh yes life Teatracció


  • To question the audience through a scenic proposal which gives way to the further dialogue, through a number of situations which make a youngster feel identified with.

  • To inform about the Sexually transmitted diseases and health problems caused by them.

  • To stimulate a youngster´s conscience and awareness about the fact that STI and VIH/AIDS really exist and can be avoided.

  • To convey basic and useful knowledge adout VIH/AIDS: what it is, the way one can get infected and how to prevent it.

  • “To de-dramatise” the social vision of VIH/AIDS as a taboo subject providing comic and entertaining vision which stimulates discussion in group and personal reflection providing at the same time all the rigor of the health care information conveyed by the professionals.

  • To work on social abilities of the negotiation about emotional and sexual issues.

  • To give young people an approach to the theatre showing how it is done, stimulating and strengthening future spectators.
Oh yes life Teatracció
Oh yes life Teatracció
Oh yes life Teatracció

Development of the activity

The activity consists of two parts which complement each other:

In the first part the theatre play is performed introducing the problems related to VIH/AIDS and STI, evoking questions among the audience and inviting to reflect upon them.

The performance displays the process of VIH being introduced into a human´s body and replicated, then the characters VIH transform the stage into a popular TV contest “Enjoy the safe sex” where they raise questions about sexuality, VIH/AIDS and prevention of them.

In the second part there is a theatrical debate where teenagers are invited to participate actively to solve a conflicting situation aimed at practicing the negotiation about emotional and sexual issues.

The debate is focused on the representation of a conflicting situation in which two young people wish to be together but one of them refuses to take precautions, which creates a conflict and raises questions… The actors interact with the youngsters in order to represent possible solutions.

Preparation of the group

It is advisable to inform the group which is going to assist about the subject beforehand and analyse it afterwards during a tutorial. We recommend useful materials for these activitites that can be found on the website:


QUE SÍ, VIDA! (Oh, yes, life!) is supported by the Prevention Programme, Control and Attention to VIH, STI and Viral Hepatítis – the Public Health Agency of Catalonia | the Department of Health | Generalitat of Catalonia.