Professional studies

Professional studies

The programme

Professional studies have a duration of two years and is divided into two differentiated levels. The first level is dedicated to the development of dramatic play and acting skills of high quality. During the second level an approach to different drama territories is realized.

The programme is intended to develop and increase the capacity of observation and documenting as tools for nourishing the process of creation. The tecnique and imagination are trained.

Each week students in groups prepare workshops which they present to the teachers and the analysis of learning process is done. Several times per year the pieces of creation from the workshops are performed in public.

During two years students make a journey through a variety of dramatic art areas.

1st level

Corporal and vocal training
Analysis of movement

Creation workshops


Everyday life
Neutral mask
Nature’s Dynamics
Elements, materials
Animals, typologies
Forms and objects
Larvae masks
Expressive masks
Character and drama
Music, painting, poetry
Investigation and creation
Documenting and staging


2nd level

Corporal and vocal trainig
Applied tecniques
Creation workshops


The narration
Languages of gestures
Melodrama and Mimodrame
Commedia dell’Arte
Comedy, the play of masks
Parodia, burlesque, buffoons
Tragedy, choir
Circus clown and theatre clown
Dramatic comedy
The actor, the author and the director
The personal project

Professional studies

Qualification in acting for physical theatre, Jacques Lecoq pedagogy.

The theatre school “Teatracció” is part of the association TEATRACCIÓ.

The association has its own theatre company formed by working professionals and some of the students who have reached the required level and wish to become part of the company.

The theatre company TEATRACCIÓ is directed by Ángel Bonora.


Classes from Monday to Friday.

1st Level (4 hours per day): mornings – from 10:00 to 14:00

2nd Level (4 hours per day): evenings – from 15:00 to 19:00

The course starts on 8 October 2024 and finishes on 20 June 2025.

The registration is open until 1 September 2024.


This year, in order to facilitate the access to the studies, the school gives an opportunity for all the interested to apply and offers scholarships for the course 2024/2025.

The price of the course is 4.200 €, but with the scholarship the price is reduced by 25% (1.050€), so that the final price of the course is 3.150 €.

Don’t miss the opportunity! There are still some places. 

Options of payment

Registration fee: 80 €

You can choose annual payment or pay per trimesters.

Annual payment: 4.200 € – without scholarship / 3.150 € – with scholarship

Payment per trimester: 

without scholarship: 1º trimester – 2.000€, in October;  
                                 2º trimester – 1.300€ in January;
                                 3º trimestre – 900€ in April.

with scholarship: 1º trimester – 1.300€, in September;
                            2º trimester – 1.000€ in January;
                            3º trimester – 850€ en April. 

Theatre for teenagers
Estudios Profesionales
Neutral Mask
formacion profesional


To apply you have to send the following documents to info@teatraccio.es:

– Curriculum Vitae,

– Motivation Letter, 

– passport size photo.

To enter the school there is no entrance exam to be done. The teaching staff and the director study your documentation and after that you have to do a presential o an online interview. Once admitted you have to pay the registration fee and the reservation fee.


Ariel Pascke. Brazil

URI GARIN. Barcelona

Ramses Gonzáles. Barcelona

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