Stop Covid!!!

Stop Covid!!!

Prevention of coronavirus transmission

Stop Covid


STOP COVID!!! is a theatrical activity which aimes at raising awareness of the young audience about the coronavirus and covid-19, putting emphasis on prevention measures and the impact the situation provoked by pandemic has had on their mental health and emotional well-being. Theatre play STOP COVID!!! wings between the comedy and the drama provoked by the pandemic; its aspect is amusing and rigorous regarding the healthcare contents treated. 

The healthcare contents were elaborated with the support of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia

Target audience

In order to reinforce the efficiency of prevention in an appropriate way we carry out performances for cohesive groups of youngsters of minimum 30 and maximum 120 spectators per session.

We also perform plays addressed exclusively to the groups of professionals (tecnicians in prevention, secondary school teachers, social educators) and groups of parents AFAS.


  • To question the audience through a scenic proposal which gives way to the further dialogue, through a number of situations which make a youngster feel identified with.

  • To inform about the coronavirus and health problems caused by it.

  • Reflect economical, social, ecological, healthcare and psycological consequences provoked by the pandemic and the way they affect the teenagers. 

  • To stimulate a youngster´s conscience and awareness about the fact that coronavirus really exists as well as effective preventive measures that help to avoid the infection and  transmission of coronavirus. 

  • Highlight  particularly the fact that some people deny  the existance of coronavirus and the necessity of the preventive measures, in spite of being informed about them, and don’t apply them.

  • To convey basic and useful knowledge adout Coronavirus: what it is, the way one can get infected and how to prevent it.

  • Provide a comic and amusing vision, that shows all the gravity of the issue at the same time.

  • Stimulate discussion in group and personal reflection providing at the same time all the rigor of the health care information conveyed by the professionals.

  • Raise awareness among the teenagers about the grave consequences provoked by coronavirus and the utmost importance to comply with the preventive measures.

  • To give young people an approach to the theatre showing how it is done, stimulating and strengthening future spectators.

¡¡¡STOP COVID!!! Actuación experimental
¡¡¡STOP COVID!!! Actuación experimental

Development of the activity

The activity consists of two parts that complement each other.

In the first part the theatre play is performed introducing the problems related to Coronavirus, evoking questions among the audience and inviting to reflect upon them.

The theatre play consists of an introduction and three scenes.


The play starts with braking world news about the beginning of the pandemic of Covid–19. In the introduction we can see the COVID characters who travel on tour all around the world to give concerts of their new punk album “Pandemic”. Then, we get transported to the lockdown and the first wave of coronavirus through the stories of characters from different countries all over the world. The introduction finishes with zooming into a story of Oriol’s family and representing the relation between him and his grandparents and his girlfriend, showing in that way how the lockdown was experienced different generations.

Scene 1. Simona's space

In the first scene a TV programme “Simona’s space” is represented, where Doctor Simona and her assistant Pep explain in a funny way basic and useful information about coronavirus and its prevention (what it is, how it is transmitted and how it can be prevented) putting emphasis on the rule of the M: mask, clean hands and a metre-and-a-half distance, among others.

Escena 2. The party

The second scene starts with Oriol meeting his girfriend Sofia. The teenagers have met for the first time after the lockdown to go to the birthday party to Edu’s house. That party which was ment to be calm and quiet ends up full of people and gets out of control, we can see how the preventive measures are skipped and the COVID characters appear among the guests.

Escena 3. The consequences

The last scene of the play shows the consequences provoked by the pandemic: healthcare, psycological, economical, social, ecological and in education. Afterwards, we can see Oriol’s grandfather, who has caught coronavirus, in a hospital, and we get an insight of the medical attention at ICU.

the play finishes with a battle between the doctor and the COVID character, where the importance of vaccination is emphasized.

In the second part a theatrical debate is open and the teenagers are invited to participate actively in it.