About us

About us

Who we are

Teatracció is a non-profit cultural organization created by professionals linked to the fields of theatre, education and culture.

Teatracció is dedicated to:

  • Creation of theatre plays of social intervention
  • Professional training of actors
  • Organization of cultural, artistic and educative activities
  • Programming of performances of different artistic disciplines

The organization is registered in the registry of associations and the registry of organizations, services and social establishments of the department of social action and citizens’ rights of Generalitat de Catalunya. Teatracció is also a member of Solidarity Economy Network (XES).

The geographical area of influence of the association is Spain and preferably Catalonia; it also collaborates with organizations from other countries.

Teatracció theatre School in Barcelona
Teatracció Theatre School in Barcelona

What we do

Company "Teatracció"

We have a professional theatre company. The company dedicates itself to the creation and performance of theatre plays of the social intervention on topics important for promoting health among youngsters such as violence, drugs, AIDS, social networks, equality, sexuality…

Theatre school "Teatracció"

The school mainly offers professional studies based on the pedagogy of Jasques Lecoq, aimed at the development of solid acting skills and tools for creation in students that will allow them to develop their career path successfully.

Besides, various theatre training courses (acting, masks, clown) and workshops (initiation to the theatre, english theatre, physical expression, juggling, etc.) are carried out.

Space "La Sala"

“La Sala” is a space open to host residencies for emerging artists in various artistic disciplines (theatre, music, magic, circus, dancing, storytelling, children´s shows, cinema forum, exhibitions), to promote and support the culture.

Teatracció Theatre School in Barcelona
Teatracció Theatre School