“FronTerra” Astra theatre company

"FronTerra" Astra theatre company

"FronTerra" Astra theatre company

A physical theatre self-created piece

"FronTerra" Astra theatre company

3 of April at 19:00

3 of April at the space of Teatracció Astra theatre companyse will perform its theatre piece “FronTerra” (Boundary).

“FronTerra”, a physical theatre self-created piece by Astra theatre company is a fruit of the artistic residence that the members of the company, Anna Tereshchenko and Sarah Stearns, have done at the Space of Teatracció since October 2020. 


Borders span the Earth, drawing boundaries between nations. Sometimes these boundaries go beyond the physical borders dividing lands. Where do we find our boundaries? The national boundaries, cultural boundaries, or personal boundaries that define us. What happens when we cross a boundary?

FronTerra is a physical theatre piece that invites us to reflect on the role that borders play in our lives, at both the social and personal level. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a border as: “a line separating two political or geographical areas, especially countries.” The Royal Academy of Spanish Language in its definition of the Spanish word for border, frontera, notes that this “line or limit” can be “real or imaginary.” In crossing a border, one encounters multiple barriers, both internal and external, and faces the challenge of overcoming them.

Through dance, poetry and a visual world of strings and cloth overflowing from an antique suitcase, we explore that which ties us down and that which sets us free. What does it mean to cross a border?

Sarah, an American, was born in a country built by immigrants but increasingly closed off to the world. Anna, from the Ukraine, was born in the Soviet Union, a country that no longer exists, and has lived through war in her region. They found each other in the European Union, a region constructed on the idea of open borders, at a moment when nationalism is resurgingacrossour globalized world.

Departing from folk traditions of our very different cultural backgrounds, we interweave these with stories of immigration in our two countries and the European Union. From the journeys of migratory birds to the greatest walls of history, through movement we investigate the drawing of borders over the face of the Earth and how humans interact with them.

"FronTerra" Astra theatre company
physical theatre Lecoq
physical theatre Lecoq
"FronTerra" Astra theatre company

Sarah and Anna

The company

Astra Theatre Company is made up of Sarah Stearns (USA) and Anna Tereshchenko  (Ukraine), who met in Barcelona in 2015 while studying at the Estudis Berty Tovias International Theatre School.

Journeying through the dramatic territories of Jaques Lecoq pedagogy, they found themselves portraying sisters in more than one performance piece. From opposite sides of the world, Sarah and Anna discovered a profound shared interest in the poetic dimensions of theatrical creation. In 2020 they came together to create Astra.

With a mutual passion for exploring the world and for human history, they fill the stage with captivating images. Battered suitcases full of surprises, dances with shadows, and lengths of fabric that take flight transport the spectator to imaginary worlds and open the door to rendezvous with fantasy and dreams.

To reserve your ticket write to e-mail address cia.astra.teatro@gmail.com