The school

The school

TEATRACCIÓ International Theatre School is a physical theatre school based on the pedagogy of Jasques Lecoq and focused on theatrical creation. The aim of the school is to train actors/actresses developing their acting abilities and encouraging creation.

An important part of the pedagogy is dedicated to the study of the mask, the neutral mask in particular. Work with the mask favours the primacy of the gesture rather than verbal expression, major interaction with the public, more complete use of the stage space and the priority of the physical action over the word.

The school is directed by Angel Bonora, Jacques Lecoq’s disciple. Angel Bonora was a teacher at the Institut del Teatre during 7 years and at Estudis Berty Tovías – International Theatre School, in Barcelona, during 28 years.

The school is part of ACET, Catalan Association of Theatre Schools, that provide Professional Theatre Studies.

Jacques Lecoq and Angel Bonora

Jacques Lecoq & Angel Bonora

Teaching staff

The pedagogic team of TEATRACCIÓ consists of practising teachers, trained within the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, highly experienced in education and performing arts.


To apply for the professional studies you must submit a motivation letter, a CV and a passport-size photo.

To enroll in a course or a workshop you just need to fill in the application form.

The application is realized at school (St. Conveni, 51), it’s necessary to make an appointment so that we could attend you properly; o via e-mail: info@teatraccio.es

For further information don’t doubt to contact us by phone  (+34) 933537619  (+34) 654905201