Prevention of the risks of using social networks and monitors


T@ngled is a very dynamic and entertaining activity of forum theatre which complements and stimulates the programmes of intervention and existing actions dedicated to information, prevention and raising awareness of the risks of using social networks and monitors.

This theatre play was created in collaboration with specialist technicians linked to The General Subdivision for Drug Dependency, under the General Direction of Public Health – Generalitat of Catalonia.

The artistic and technical contents get renewed periodically.

Target audience

In order to reinforce the efficiency of prevention in an appropriate way we carry out performances for cohesive groups of youngsters of minimum 30 and maximum 120 spectators per session.

We also perform plays addressed exclusively to the groups of professionals (tecnicians in prevention, secondary school teachers, social educators) and groups of parents AMPAS.


  • The principal object of the activity is to raise awareness and to prevent concerning the risks of using social networks and monitors.
  • Through the representation and the subsequent discussion attention is drawn to some relevant aspects that comply with the following contents:
  • Concentration on a monitor perceived as gratification. When the monitor is more powerful than a metting of two people.
  • The scopes and the limits. The benefits and the point when it becomes harmful.
  • To prevent the violence: misunderstandings, harrasment, bullying. The “Screenshot”.
  • The relations, the code of ethics, the respect, the way we interact aith a group of friends.
  • How to keep the privacy – society balance and protect the intimacy.
  • Exhibiting oneself. The false sense of intimacy.
  • There is also poetic theatrical interaction through También hay un tratamiento teatral poético respecto al significante cuando nos comunicamos a través de las redes sociales.
  • To approach the theatre to young people.

Development of the activity

The activity consists of two parts that complement each other:

In the first part three stories are represented:

1st story: consists of one scene that demonstrates the risk of a car accident because of watching the phone while walking along the street and another scene which shows the negative consequences on studies when the time of playing with gadgets is not controlled.

2nd story: a group of friends using whats app for communication is represented, and as a result of a misunderstanding a conflict is being provoked.

3rd story: represents a group of friends that use Facebook; unpleasant photos are being published without permission, which creates a problem. Also a reference to a protection af privacy and personal information is being made.

In the second part a discussion takes place. The youngsters are invited to reflect on the questiones raised and conflicts created in the play.

Preparation of the group

It is advisable to inform the group, which is going to assist, about the subject beforehand and analyse it afterwards during a tutorial. We recommend useful materials for these activitites that can be found on the website http://www.elpep.info/pantalles/

This project is supported by the General Sudivision for Drug Dependency – the Public Health Agency of Catalonia | the Department of Health | Generalitat of Catalonia.