Summer stage 2021

Summer stage 2021

Summer stage 2021

Registration opens

Registration opens for Summer stage 2021. The Summer stage is composed of 4 intensive weekly courses: Neutral Mask, Clown, Social Theatre and Theatre of objects. You can enroll into all the 4 courses or choose one or various you are interested in.

The objective of the Summer Stage is to introduce Jacques Lecoq pedagogy and discover some of its  main tools: the dramatic image and the concepts of movement through the work with the Neutral Mask, your own Clown and the laws of comedy, the tools for theatrical creation and the poetic dimension of the theatre of objects.

Neutral Mask

5/07 - 9/07

The neutral mask develops the presence of an actor in the space that surrounds him. It allows to get rid of physical tensions and develop corporal plasticity. The mask puts an actor into the state of discovery, openness, availability to receive. It allows to see, to listen, to feel, to touch fundamental things with a freshness of the first time.  

We will work on the basic concepts of body movement (economy, articulation, accentuation, breathing, rhythm, projection) and fundamental acting skills (stage presence, urgency, receptiveness, action – reaction, movement of the body in space and a dramatic image).

Stage de verano 2021
Curso intensivo de clown


12/07 - 16/07

The course of Clown, based on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, invites you to investigate and discover your own clown. We will work on:

  • the search of your own foolishness
  • acting from the truth
  • nonsense
  • a joke
  • the contact with the public
  • clown´s walk
  • forbidden gestures
  • the circus clown
  • a performance
  • clown, poetry and singing
  • clowns in situations of day-to-day life

Social theatre

18/07 - 23/07

The course of social theatre is an approach to the theatre as an educative tool to prevent and raise awareness about different social problems. We will work the tecniques of improvisation and construction of theatrical scenes towards the creation of a theatre project.

Teatracció theatre company has been creating and performing theatre plays of social prevention for teenagers  since 2000 and it has been a pioneer in Spain in this field. 

Teatro en inglés para adultos
Stage de verano 2021

Theatre of objects

26/07 - 30/07

The course consists in an exploration of the poetry of the theatre done with objects.
We will work on the following aspects:
– Manipulation and exploration of an object.
– The dynamic of an object in the space.
– The metaphor of an object.
– The poetic image.
– The narration of a simple story.

Schedule: from Monday to Friday 10:00 – 14:00
Price: 200€ per a course. 
If yo enroll into more than one course, a 20% discount will be applied for the second course.