Don’t bother me!!!

Don't bother me!!!

(¡¡¡No me ralles!!!)

Prevention of risks associated with the consumption of addictive substabces


Don´t bother me!!! is a very dynamic interactive theatrical activity which complements and stimulates the programmes of intervention and existing actions dedicated to the information, prevention and awareness of the risk behaviour related to the drug consumption.

This theatre play was created in collaboration with the organisation ABD – Energy Control and experts linked to the Drug Addiction Sub-Directorate General of the Health Department of the Generalitit of Catalonia. Artistic and technical content is updated periodically.

Target audience

In order to reinforce the efficiency of prevention in an appropriate way we carry out performances for cohesive groups of youngsters of maximum 120 spectators per session, differentiated groups:

Groups of 4º de ESO: a complete play is performed and the debate is held afterwards.
The rest of groups: the scene that speaks of the consumption of marijuana and alcohol is performed and the debate is held afterwards.
We also perform plays addressed exclusively to the groups of professionals (tecnicians in prevention, secondary school teachers, social educators) and groups of parents AFAS.


  • Question the audience through a scenic proposal which gives way to the further dialogue, through a number of situations which make a youngster feel identified with.
  • Reflect different aspects of this issue, communicating at the same time basic and relevant information about different drug types and risks associated to drug consumption.
  • Facilitate instruments for the analysis of the relationships Facilitar a los jóvenes y a los educadores instrumentos para la reflexión sobre las relaciones que establecen las personas con el consumo y no consumo de diversas drogas.
  • Show a positive image of a person who has decided not to consume, through identification with different situations of the stage proposal.
  • Stimulate young people´s awareness of their vulnerability against drugs and their ability to identify social pressure to consume whatever there is in their environment.
  • Increase their capacity of resistance to social pressure of a group and frustration.
  • Provide abilities so that a youngster would be able to refuse to consume drugs.
  • Reduce the risks related to drug consumption and addictive behaviours.
  • “De-dramatise” the reflection and dicussion of this issue through an engaging, lively and evocative language, but with all the health care rigour it involves.
  • Stimulate a youngster to get involved in taking care of his own health, become capable of making positive choices and make responsible and autonomous decisions concerning drugs.
  • Provide the knowledge that would let them act appropriately when dealing with different risk situations.
  • Give young people an approach to the theatre by showing how it is done, stimulating and strengthening future spectators.


Do not bother me Teatracció
Don't bother me Teatracció
Do not bother me Teatracció

Development of the activity

This activity consists of two parts which complement each other:

The theatre play represents experiences, thoughts and memories of three young people who are talking in a park one Friday evening trying to work out what to do in their free time. From here on different situations are introduced raising the issues of consumption of different drugs (marijuana, alcohol, energy drinks and MDMA) and associated risks, inviting the audience to reflect upon the raised questions.

In the second part there is a theatrical debate where teenagers are invited to participate actively to solve a conflicting situation between the characters (one of them has drunk some alcohol and wants to take another one to a party driving a motocycle…). The actors stimulate the debate around the negotiation considering the reality of the risks that involves drinkig alcohol and driving a vehicle.

Preparation of the group

It is advisable to inform the group which is going to assist about the subject beforehand and analyse it afterwards during a tutorial. We recommend useful materials for these activitites that can be found on the websites:

– for girls: http://laclara.info/

– for boys: http://www.elpep.info/es/

This project is supported by the General Sudivision for Drug Dependency – the Public Health Agency of Catalonia | the Department of Health | Generalitat of Catalonia.