The company

The company

The company Teatracció dedicates itself to the creation and performance of forum theatre plays of social intervention which address topics important for the promotion of health among youngsters, such as:

– violence among equals o bullying,
– drugs and their consequences,
– AIDS and STI,
– sexuality,
– risks in social networks, – gender iqualty,
– violence in a relationship,
– prevention of the coronavirus,
– healty eating habits,

In the creative process the company Teatracció takes inspiration from the theatre dimension which embraces the pedagogy of the master Jacques Lecoq, the founder of l’Ecole Internacionale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in París (France).

As far as theatre in education is concerned, Teatracció takes inspiration from the work realized by the association Entrées de Jeu in París (France) directed by Bernard Grosjean; this company specializes in Forum Theatre/theatrical debate and takes origin from the Theatre of Intervention or Theatre of the Oppressed created and developed by Augusto Boal.

The company Teatracció is directed by Ángel Bonora, a recognized specialist of stage movement and Jacques Lecoq pedagogy.

How we work

The Theatre of Social Intervention has an objective to complement and stimulate the programmes of intervention and existing actions to raise awareness, provide information and prevent risky attitudes and behaviour. Teatracció creates theatre plays dedicated to different psychosocial problems. We treat topics such as HIV/AIDS and negotiation of emotional and sexual issues, drug addiction, violence among equals, gender iqualty, the use of screens and social networks, violence in a couple…).

Theatre plays of this interactive theatre are activities that take place mostly in schools and areas of leisure activities. These plays are ideal to be incorporated into community prevention projects or specific actions organized in Catalonia.

The principal characteristic in the way we work is using the information and education strategy in an intertaining and humorous way different from the common way. Moreover, the innovating pedagogic activity such as theatrical intervention allows to establish a connection with the youngsters and approach the topics of their concern or close to their reality.

We elaborate the contents of the topics treated in a process of investigation and documentation. Teatracció works in collaboration with educators and technicians linked to specialized entities on the specific problems.

The artistic team

The company Teatracció
La companyia

The artistic team is directed by Angel Bonora.

Teatracció works with a cohesive team of actors and actresses with a professional education based on Jacques Lecoq pedagogy. The key points of this pedagogy are observation and documentation as a base for an actor’s job.

The team gets renewed from time to time with the incorporation of new actors and actresses who contribute freshness into different performances.

For the performances the team of actors gets configured according to the needs.

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