Prevention on the stage!

Prevention on the stage!

Theatre plays are interactive activities, original and innovative, which raise awareness and prevention of very important psycosocial topics for youngsters (STI and VIH/AIDS, sexuality/affectivity, drug addiction, violence, equalty of opportunities between women and men, social networks, violence in a relationship, immingration…), raising questions in young spectators and encouraging critical debates.

These educative resources are aimed at complementation and stimulation of the programmes of intervention and existing actions in order to raise awareness, inform and prevent risk attitudes and behaviour.

This project of theatre intevention has been spread widely, so that in more than 24 years of its experience Teatracció has carried out more than 3.434 performances with more than 390.000 spectators all aroud Catalonia, Valencian Country and Andorra.

The current theatre plays are:

¡QUE SÍ, VIDA! (Oh, yes, life!) prevention of VIH/AIDS and STI.

¡¡¡NO ME RALLES!!! (Don´t bother me!!!) prevention of the risks connected with the consumption of drugs.

¡YA ESTÁ BIEN! (That’s enough!) prevention of the violence in youngters’ surroundings (family, friendship, school).

¡IGUAL DA! (Equalty?) raising awareness of the igualty of opportunities between women and men focused on the professional integration.

ENREDAD@S (T@ngled) raising awareness and prevention of the risks of using social networks and monitors.

¿CÓMO TE QUIERO? (How do I love you?) prevention of the male violence.