World AIDS Day

Dia mundial del SIDA



World AIDS Day

Today, 1 December, we celebrate the World AIDS Day, an institutional act and activites all around organized by Comité Primer de Decembre with the associations that fight for Sexual and Reproductive Health, combating the Stigma,  ensuring care and support for persons affected and, the PREVENTION!!!

We celebrate that our Prevention Theatre with its theatre play “Oh, yes, life!” continues being an educational tool directed to the teenagers, efficient and very experienced, that completes and encourages actions and programmes that work on Sexual and Reproductive Health emphasizing the prevention and raising awareness of STI and VIH/AIDS.


QUE SÍ, VIDA! (Oh, yes, life!) is a theatrical activity which has been succesfully experienced for a long time. Its playful and participatory approach makes it very attractive and allows to connect quickly with the young and teenager audience. The play was created in collaboration with SIDA STUDI association and CJAS (Youth Center of Contraception and Sexuality) which belongs to the Association of Family Planning of Catalonia and Balearics.

The play “Oh, yes, life!” is focused on the prevention of the sexually transmitted infections and VIH/AIDS emphasising in particular the negotiation about emotional and sexual issues.

This educative resource is aimed at complementation and stimulation of the programmes of intervention and existing actions in order to raise awareness, inform and prevent risk attitudes and behaviour.

This project of theatre intevention has been spread widely, so that in more than 19 years of its experience Teatracció has carried out more than 3.100 performances with more than 350.000 spectators all aroud Catalonia, Valencian Country and Andorra.