Theatre workshops 2022

Taller de teatro adultos

Theatre workshops 2022

New groups

We open new groups of theatre workshops for adults, teenagers and children. Registration is open during April. Teatracció promotes health and culture, we create a space for exchange and personal and professional development.

Theatre workshop for adults

In the classes of Theatre workshop for adults we will work on:
– Acting and improvisation
– Communication skills and performance in public
Diction and vocal training
Corporal training, we will get rid of tensions through movement
Production of a theatre play.
Beginning: 4 April 2022 – group A

                  5 April 2022 – group C
                  1 April 2022 – group D
Schedule: group A – Mondays 19:00 – 20:30
                group C – Tuesdays 19:00 -20:30
                group D – Fridays 19:00 – 20:30
Price: 50€ (monthly)

Theatre workshop for teenagers

It is a perfect opportunity to do the first steps towards your dream of becoming an actress/actor.
What will we work on during the workshop?
– Acting. You will discover the basic concepts of the theatrical play.
– Improvisation. We will train improvisation skills and develop the creativity.
– Diction and vocal training. We will improve communication skills and performance in public.
– Gestures and movement. Aa action is an element of the theatrical play as important as a word.
– Presentation of a theatre play.
Beginning: 5 April 2022 – group A

                  6 April 2022 – group B
Group A (11-13 years) – Tuesdays 17:30 – 18:30
Group B (14-16 years) – Wednesdays 17:30 – 18:30 
Price: 40€ (monthly)

Theatre workshop for children

A journey to the world of play and fantasy!
The classes of theatre workshop for children allow to develop their creative potencial, that will help them to become more self-confident and successful in the society. The workshop is focused on the development of the imagination and concentration. The children develop the ability to collaborate and interact in a group.

We train acting skills through the play and playful exercises, we do classes of corporal and vocal training to develop expressiveness, self-confidence and psycomotor coordination. We also approach the following topics: introduction into the basic theatre concepts, dramatic play, mime, object theatre, puppets, shadows and lights, make up and costume.

Beginning: 4 April 2022
Schedule: Maondays 17:30 – 18:30 
Price: 30€ (monthly)

Taller de teatro adultos
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Talleres de teatro 2022
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