Theatre workshop for teenagers

Theatre workshop for teenagers

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Theatre workshop for teenagers is aimed at disinhibition, the development of creativity, imagination, communicative skills and teamwork. 

The programme of the workshop is based on Jacques Lecoq pedagogy adapted for teenagers, but also includes exercises from other theatrical methods.

The workshop of the Theatre for teenagers is a perfect opportunity to do the first steps towards the acting career, get acquainted with the acting tecniques and methods. Develop creative potential, reveal acting abilities inside of oneself and improve the teamworking skills. And of course to play, play and once again play! Actor´s job is play and entertainment provided that systematic training is realised.

The workshop includes the classes of:
– acting
– improvisation
– corporal expression
– vocal technique
In the classes of corporal expression we will work on body awareness, liberation and expression through movement.
We will also approach oral expression, doing excersises on vocal preparation and diction.

Every trimester the students perfom in public theatre plays or scenes.

Duration: March – June 2021

Schedule:group A – Saturday 10:30 – 11:30. Beginning: 6 March 

                group B – Wednesday 17:30 – 18:30. Beginning: 3 March 

Price: 40€ (per month)

Taller de teatro para jóvenes
Theatre workshop for teenagers
Taller de teatro para jóvenes
Taller de teatro para jóvenes