Theatre workshop for adults

Taller de teatro para adultos

Theatre workshop for adults

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Do you like theatre? Would you like to act on a stage? Theatre workshop for adults is an excellent opportunity to strengthen such skills as teamwork and public presentation, get rid of corporal and vocal blocks and tensions, and have fun! 

Theatre workshop for adults includes the following classes:
– acting
– improvisation
– corporal expression
– vocal technique
In the classes of corporal expression we will work on body awareness, liberation and expression through movement.
We will also approach oral expression, doing excersises on vocal preparation and diction.

During the course we will work on:

  • the animals (movement, rhythm, gaze, state) to apply them to theatrical game.
  • the general poetic background: poetry, music, painting, colours through theatrical game (Jacques Lecoq pedagogy, the poetic boby).
  • the creation of characters, the dynamics of the elements, materials and emotions.

During the course various public presentations are done.

Duration: March – June 2021

Schedule: group 1 – Monday 19:00 – 20:30. Beginning: 1 March 
                 group 2 – Friday 19:00 – 20:30. Beginning: 5 March

Price: 50€ (per month)

taller de teatro para adultos
Taller de teatro para adultos
Taller de taetro para adultos