Theatre plays in digital format

Theatre plays in digital format

Theatre plays in digital format

Teatracció is doing all possible to adapt to the “new normality” and continue offering theatre plays of social prevention. We consider that in the moments of “the suspension” of the usual rhythm of life  it is especially important to maintain educative and cultural activities, and, of course, to work on prevention.  Therefore we have prepared the theatre plays we have on the billboard in digital format.

The activity consists of watching the correspondent theatre play telematically and participating in the posterior debate developed by one of the actors. We suggest a simple and user-friendly method that allows to do the activity with the highest efficiency taking into consideration the current circumstances.  

The following theatre plays are available in digital format: 

Prevention of the violence in the youngsters’ environment (family, friendship, school).
We highlight the causes that provoke violent atitudes and circumstances surrounding them.  We make a journey through the violence towards the family life,  Hacemos un viaje a través de la violencia a la vida familiar, mistreatment by negligence and violence among equals.

Prevention of VIH/AIDS – STI.
In this play we talk about the prevention of the sexually trasmittes infections and unwanted pregnancy, negotiating about emotional and sexual issues, the correct use of contraceptive methods.

Raising awareness and prevention of the risks of using social networks and monitors.
In this play we make a journey around different worlds: videogames (Forenight), Whats app and misunderstandings in whats app groups, and Instagram.

Prevention of the risks connected with the consumption of drugs.
This play highlights the consumption of addictive substances, their effects and associated risks.
Every activity is completed by a posterior debate where teenagers are invited to ponder and participate actively in solving conflicting situations.