That’s enough..! Performances

Ya está bien..! Actuaciones

That's enough..!

Performances in Roses and Castelldefels

In November we did performances of the theatrical activity “That’s enough..!”, prevention of the violence for teenagers. More than 300 of young spectators attended the performances and participated in the ensuing debate at Teatro Municipal de Roses and at Teatro Plaza de Castelldefels

“That’s enough..!” is an interactive theatrical activity that complements and stimulates programmes of intervention and existing actions aimed at providing information, prevention and raising awareness in youngsters about the violence.

“That’s enough..!” works on the prevention of the violence in teenagers’ environment (family, friends, school).

This educative resource affects in both direct and indirect ways some aspects that are of relevant urgency nowadays:

– Violence in family life.
– Bullying or violence among equals.
– Violence against women and male chauvinist atitudes.
– Abuse or neglect of the elderly.
– The way mass media influences the perseption of violence.

This play was created through co-working with specialist technicians in mediation linked to the Education Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Gladys Guerra, an educator. The artistic and technical contents get renewed periodically.

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