Summer Stage 2019

stage de verano teatro físico Lecoq
Summer Stage Physical Theatre Lecoq

Summer stage 2019

We have finished the summer stage. Two weeks of intensive training with the neutral mask and clown full of learning and exchange in an international environment. We enjoy organizing these short summer training courses and welcome the students from all over the world who come to discover the basis of Jacques Lecoq pedagogy.
This year’s summer journey is over and our students are back to their countries. We are looking forward to the next summer stage in 2020. Join us!

Neutral Mask

This intensive summer stage course is an opportunity to approach acting with a Neutral mask. The neutral mask develops the presence of an actor in the space that surrounds him. It allows to get rid of physical tensions and develop corporal plasticity. The mask puts an actor into the state of discovery, openness, availability to receive. It allows to see, to listen, to feel, to touch fundamental things with a freshness of the first time. We work on the basic concepts of body movement (economy, articulation, accentuation, breathing, rhythm, projection) and fundamental acting skills (stage presence, urgency, receptiveness, action – reaction, movement of the body in space and a dramatic image).


The course of Clown, based on the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, invites you to investigate and discover your own clown. 
We work on:

  • the search of your own foolishness
  • acting from the truth
  • nonsense
  • a joke
  • the contact with the public
  • clown´s walk
  • forbidden gestures
  • the circus clown
  • a performance
  • clown, poetry and singing
  • clowns in situations of day-to-day life

“The clown doesn’t exist apart from the actor who performs him. We are all Clowns. We all think we are smart, beautiful and strong, but all of us have our drawbacks, our foolishness, which having been expressed makes us laugh”. The Clown makes others laugh, but how? “The Clown is someone who “accepts his failure”, who ruins his performance placing in that way the spectators in a state of superiority. Through this failure the clown reveals his deep human nature which moves us and makes us laugh”. (Jacques Lecoq)