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Stop Covid!!!

Theatre Forum of Promohealth

stop covid teatro forum

Teatracció Theatre presents its new theatre play “Stop Covid!!!” theatre forum. An experimental performance of the play will be done on 15 of July at 19:00 at the yard of Nou Barris Institute.

The activity is organized by Promohealth of the Prosperidad neighbourhood in Nou Barris, Barcelona and is addressed to the teenagers accompanied by street educators and the neighbourhood. 

The play Stop Covid!!! was created by Teatracció in 2021 as a response to the challenge posed to us by the health, economy and social crisis provoked by the pandemic. 

STOP COVID!!! is a theatrical activity which aimes at raising awareness of the young audience about the coronavirus and covid-19, putting emphasis on prevention measures and the impact the situation provoked by pandemic has had on their mental health and emotional well-being. Theatre play STOP COVID!!! wings between the comedy and the drama provoked by the pandemic; its aspect is amusing and rigorous regarding the healthcare contents treated. 

The healthcare contents were elaborated with the support of the Public Health Agency of Catalonia.