Professional Studies Lecoq pedagogy 2020-2021

Registration opens
Registration opens

Would you like to be an actor/actress? Do you like THEATRE?

Apply for our professional theatre studies by Jacques Lecoq pedagogy. At our international school specialized in Physical Theatre and Creation, based upon Jacques Lecoq pedagogy, you will get a solid education and acting skills of high quality and tools for creation. 

TEATRACCIÓ International Theatre School in Barcelona is a continuation of educational programme developed during more than 20 years at Estudis Berty Tovías – International Theatre School. Professional studies are carried out during two academic years and are divided into two levels. 

During the First Year studies we work on the following topics: the space and time,  the stage presence, the interaction of body with space, movement analysis, the 20 movements of Lecoq, the Neutral Mask, expressive, larvae and utilitarian masks, the animals, the 4 elements, the materials, the characters, a poetic dimension, the object theatre. At the end of the course there is an individual task of personal creation based on 20 movements of Lecoq.  The course finishes with the presentation in public of the group greation projects.

At the Second Level we are dedicated to  acting and creation. We make a journey around the dramatic territories where a student faces multiple challenges and possibilities. We will take a tour around the language of gestures (mimodrama and pantomima), melodrama and great feelings, commedia dell’arte, human comedie, buffoons, tragedy, clown and comic varieties.
During the second level 3 performances in public are presented:  Night of Melodrama, Night of de Buffoons and Night of Comedy and Clown. 


Corporal and vocal training
Movement anlysis
Applied tecniques

Improvisation tecniques
Stage acrobacy
Creation workshops
Every week students do workshops in small groups which they performe in front of the teachers and receive feedback