Professional Studies 2023 – 2024

Professional Studies 2023-2024

Registration opens

TEATRACCIÓ International Theatre School imparts Professional Studies in physical theatre, Jacques LECOQ pedagogy and theatrical creation, training students to become actors and professionals in performing arts.

Professional studies are intensive and consist of 2 annual courses from October to June, for persons over the age of 18. The classes are imparted in mostly Spanish, but incorporating different languages that come together with sudents.

The course starts on 9 October 2023 and finishes on 21 June 2024.
Registration is open until 1 September 2023.


TEATRACCIÓ International Theatre School is directed by Angel Bonora, Jacques Lecoq’s disciple. Angel Bonora was a teacher at the Institut del Teatre during 7 years and at Estudis Berty Tovías – International Theatre School, in Barcelona, during 28 years.

The pedagogic team of TEATRACCIÓ consists of practising teachers highly experienced in education and performing arts.


Classes from Monday to Friday:
– 1st Level, 4 hours per day, from 15:00h to 19:00h.
– 2nd Level, 5 hours per day, from 9:30h to 14:30h.

Every annual course is a level that consists of 3 trimesters:
– 1st Level: 20 hours per week
– 2nd Level: 25 hours per week


To apply you have to send the following documents to info@teatraccio.es:
– Curriculum Vitae,
– Motivation Letter, 
– passport size photo.

To enter the school there is no entrance exam to be done. Once admitted, you have to do a presential o telematic interview. Having been accepted you have to pay the registration fee and the reservation fee.

Formación Profesional 2023 - 2024
Formación profesional Becas 2022-2023


This year, in order to facilitate the access to the studies, the school gives an opportunity for all the interested to apply and offers scholarships for the course 2023/2024. The price of the course is 3.600 €, but with the scholarship the price is reduced by 25% (900€), so that the final price of the course is 2.700 €. Don’t miss the opportunity! There are still some places. 


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