Professional studies 2021-2022

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Professional studies 2021-2022

The school

Teatracció is an international theatre school dedicated to the professional training of actors and stage professionals based on Jacques Lecoq pedagogy.

Teatracció fosters a system of work and an artistic experience based on permanent learning, documentation and observation. The programme is based on movement and the knowledge of the human nature. It generates creative and alive theatre, close to the reality. With freedom to imagine, but keeping in mind necessary tecnique and rigour.

Teatracció is an international centre where different cultures and languages converge finding in theatre a common language.

The programme

The school is open for all those of legal age. escuela está abierta a todas aquellas personas mayores de 18 años. To get registered you should send your personal CV and a motivation letter. There is no entry exam. Nevertheless,  after the first three months a personal balance is made which confirms a student’s continuity.

The duration of the programme is two years. The course starts at the beginning of October and finishes at the end of June. In order to stimulate imagination and encourage creation, students are invited to elaborate workshops in small groups every week. From time to time these workshops are presented in public and, teachers and students contrast the learning process.

Taller de teatro para jóvenes
Formación profesional 2021-2022
Formación profesional 2021-2022
neutral mask
Formación profesional 2021-2022

First level

The play of improvisation, the motion analysis and the Neutral Mask are the essential aspects of Jacques Lecoq pedagogy. Mentioned mask is a tool that amplifies and refines actor’s stage presence. During the course we work with other masks as well, explore typologies and learn to create create situations and characters. At the end of the course students perform their workshops in public.

The access the Second level is given to the students who have completed their first-year studies properly or to persons who can demonstrate via Curriculum and a personal interview that they have the necessary preparation.

Second level

The second level is dedicated to training of acting skills in all aspects and through different styles, from realism to abstraction. The student makes a journey over  dramatic territories, approaches Commedia dell arte, as well as Tragedy. Elaborate their own critical vision with Bufoon, discovers humour with Clown and experiences great feelings through Melodrama.
Every trimester the workshops are performed in public.

Having finished the course the Personal Project, invites every student to look for new languages and discover their personal style.