Movies night 2019

Noche de películas 2019
Movies Night 2019
Teatracció Movies Night 2019
Physical Theatre Lecoq
Teatracció Melodrama Night 2019

Movies Night 2019

The Second Level students of the Professional Studies presented Movies Night 2019 – their theatre workshop creations upon the work done throughout the first trimester including the exploration of the Languages of Gestures, the Mimodrame, the Melodrama and Comedy with Masks. In the process of creation there comes a moment of presenting the work done with the public to share life experience. 

Movies Night is the performance of the workshops  created by the Second-year students of the Professional Studies.

The programme of the professional studies has a duration of two years and is divided into two differentiated levels. The first level is dedicated to the development of dramatic play and acting skills of high quality. During the second level an approach to different drama territories is realized.

The programme is intended to develop and increase the capacity of observation and documenting as tools for nourishing the process of creation. The tecnique and imagination are trained.

Each week students in groups prepare workshops which they present to the teachers and the analysis of learning process is done. Several times per year the pieces of creation from the workshops are performed in public.

During two years students make a journey through a variety of dramatic art areas.

Teatracció International Thestre School is based on the pedagogy of Jasques Lecoq, the master and pioneer of physical theatre and creation. The aim of the school is to train actors/actresses developing their acting abilities and encouraging creation.

An important part of the pedagogy is dedicated to the study of the mask, the neutral mask in particular. Work with the mask favours the primacy of the gesture rather than verbal expression, major interaction with the public, more complete use of the stage space and the priority of the physical action over the word.