Intensive course for Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Intensive course for BSC

This month we have done an intensive theatre course for BSC (Barcelona Supercomputing Center). During the last three years we have collaborated with this scientific center where professionals from all over the world work. Being an international school, Teatracció creates a space of cultural exchange through a shared theatrical experience

Description of the course

The intensive course for companies is aimed at improving teamwork, public presentación and communication.

From Teatracció we believe that theatre is a strong, transforming and efficient tool both for personal and professional development. Theatre training is a good complement for everyone regardless of their profession, sociocultural condition, interests and capacity.

In the world of work theatrical tools open up new development prospects and are of great support during the presentations in public. Through the theatre training we improve communication, the capacity to convey the message to the public in the most efficient way and project an attractive professional image.


The course includes exercises on acting, improvisation, vocal tecnique and movement:

– Physical expression and movement. Physical training is done to get rid of body tensions and blocks, become aware of the body and find support for public presentations, as well as interaction with the space and stage presence.

– We train the basic concepts of acting: active listening, action-reaction, projection, stage presence, progression, the rhythm, articulation, stage space.

– Participants do exercises on vocal tecnique and diction, provide tools to approach a speech and improve presentation in public.

– Part of the course are improvisations in groups and individual, as well as work with the emotions.

Cultural exchange

This year the courses organized for BSC were done in English and Spanish. Teatracció Intenational Theatre School offers courses in Catalan, Spanish, English, French and other languages.

The participants from BSC come from different countries, such as Turkey, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Russia, Argentina, Mexic, Brasil.
It was a pleasure to organize once more the course for the scientists and emloyees of BSC. The participants enjoyed the course and gained new theatrical tools.

Curso intensivo para BSC
Curso intensivo
Curso intensivo para BSC