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Forum Theatre in Alicante

"Equalty!" - gender iqualty

The 8th of April Teatracció theatre company did 2 performances of the play “Equalty” at “Gastón Catelló” Community Centre for Social Development of Alicante. The performances were organized by the Departament of the Equalty of the Town Hall of Alicante and have received a pretty high valoration both of the public and the professionals specialized in the topic.

The first performance was done for groups of teenagers accompanied by teachers and the second performance for the general public. Both performances included the subsequent debate in which the spectators participated in an active way and demonstrated a deep interest towards the issue. Once again forum theatre has proved to be an efficient tool to prevent and raise awareness of the public regarding the problem.

Awareness on the iqualty of the opportunities woman/man

Equalty! is a forum theatre interactive activity, entertaining and encouraging, which works on the equalty of opportunities woman/man focused on the professional integration of teenagers.

The activity works directly and indirectly on the following aspects:
‐ Definition of the concept equalty of opportunities.
‐ Roles woman/man.
‐ Professional stereotypes and male-oriented professions.
‐ Difficulties in the access to jobs due to the gender differences (horizontal segregation).
‐ Conciliation of the family life and work life and corporate prejudices.
‐ Transmission of the stereotipes through the advertisments.
‐ Primary socialization and distribution of roles in a family.

This play was created through co-working with specialist technicians in mediation linked to the Education Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Gladys Guerra, an educator. The artistic and technical contents get renewed periodically.

Teatro Forum en Alicante


Encarna Torregrosa,
promoter of equalty

Rafa Hernandez, educator