Cabaret Parapluie 3rd Edition

Cabaret Parapluie Teatro físico Lecoq
Physical Theatre Cabaret Barcelona

Cabaret Parapluie 3rd edition

With the arrival of spring we present to you the 3rd edition of Cabaret Parapluie. We are very happy to host new artists for a night full of clowns, music and, as always, vermouth. 
Don’t miss it, it’s on 4 May at 20:00.

We are looking forward to seeing you at La Sala Theatre – Centre for Cultural Activities (Nou Barris). This Saturday night will be full of surprises, including an object theatre performance.

Parapluie group is a theatre group which looks for building bridges among companies and artists that work with performing arts. With this aim of gathering artists, it offers a roof, or rather, an umbrella  where artistic meetings and creative enrichment take place. One of the forms that take these meetings are Cabarets Parapluie. In addition to generating these speces the Group also supports production and promotion of performances and organizes workshops. 

The company Parapluie was born in 2017 when four actresses, of different nationalities, trained at Internacional Theatre School Jacques Lecoq (Paris and Barcelona) decided to generate a space to work and create together.
Their enthusiasm and artistic desire led them to setting up a company. At this company they have found a space to express themselves freely, enjoy the process of creation and be able to share and collaborate to grow. 
Little by little various performances were born. Every of them was opening a new creative door, that showed a genuine universe. Although the creations approached different topics, they have always had the same principle: the language of movement.  

Cabaret de Lecoq