Physical theatre studies

Professional studies in Physical theatre

¿Would you like to be an actor/actress?

¿Do you want to specialize in physical theatre,
Jacques Lecoq pedagogy and
theatrical creation?


Taller de teatro para jóvenes

Discover the poetic
dimension of theatre

We will work on the concepts of movement, stage acrobatics, interaction of the body and space. 

We will enter into the poetic dimension through object theatre, poetry, music and painting.


Amplify your stage presence

Work with masks:

  • neutral mask,
  • expressive masks,
  • larvae masks

helps to refine and amplify the gestures and increases the actor´s stage presence. 

Learn to create characters

Through the study of the

  • dynamics of nature,
  • elements,
  • materials,
  • animals

you will learn to create various characters.

Curso Intensivo. Creación de presonajes

Develop your improvisation
and acting skills

Improvisation is the first stroke of creation.

Learn the techniques of:

  • improvisation
  • acting
  • theatrical creation. 

Enjoy your acting!

Formación profesional 2021-2022

Create your own theatre

We will make the journey over the dramatic territories:

  • the language of gestures  (mimodrama  and pantomima),
  • melodrama and great feelings,
  • tragedy and choir,
  • buffoons,
  • la commedia dell’arte,
  • clown and human comedie


Classes from Monday to Friday.

1st Level (4 hours per day): mornings – from 10:00 to 14:00

2nd Level (4 hours per day): evenings – from 15:00 to 19:00

The course starts on 8 October 2024 and finishes on 20 June 2025.

The registration is open until 1 September 2024.


This year, in order to facilitate the access to the studies, the school offers scholarships for the course 2024/2025.

The price of the course is 4.200 €, but with the scholarship the price is reduced by 25% (1.050€), so that the final price of the course is 3.150 €.

Don’t miss the opportunity! There are still some places. 

Options of payment

Registration fee: 80 €

You can choose annual payment or pay per trimesters.

Annual payment: 4.200 € – without scholarship / 3.150 € – with scholarship

Payment per trimester: 

– without scholarship: 1º trimester – 2.000€, in October;  
                                 2º trimester – 1.300€ in January;
                                 3º trimestre – 900€ in April.

– with scholarship: 1º trimester – 1.300€, in September;
                            2º trimester – 1.000€ in January;
                            3º trimester – 850€ en April. 


To apply you have to send the following documents to info@teatraccio.es:

– Curriculum Vitae,

– Motivation Letter, 

– passport size photo.

To enter the school there is no entrance exam to be done. The teaching staff and the director study your documentation and after that you have to do an interview. Once admitted you have to pay the registration fee and the reservation fee.


Ariel Pascke. Brazil

URI GARIN. Basque Country

Ramses Gonzáles. Barcelona

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    Professional Studies

     Barcelona, c/Conveni 51 – (+34) 933 53 76 19 – (+34) 654 905 201 – info@teatraccio.es – www.teatraccio.es