On-line format

On-line format

Performance with no actors on-site

Number of participants: 100 teenagers maximum.

The performance space: the activity can be done in a classroom, or another space considered more appropriate.

Procedure: the activity will be done telematically. We will use the digital platform Zoom and the actor will act as a moderator.

It is necessary that a user or users download Zoom application beforehand, which is free and multi-format (it can be downloaded to a computer, a phone or IPAD).

To download the application: https://zoom.us/support/download

Having the teenagers seen the performance the actor will open a debate. To manage the participation in the debate the person who would like to speak should raise a hand and the actor/actress will give them a word. 

Once finished the activity, the teachers can fill in the valuation survey.

Preparation of the group: On the link https://www.teatraccio.es/en/prevention-on-the-stage/ you will find the information about the contents and the progress of the theatre activities, technical requirements, the artistic team, valuation survey and the access to the complementary resources ONLINE to prepare the group before and/or after the performance. 

Teatracció Actuació no-presencial